The Power of You; Understanding & Maximizing Happiness and Well-Being Webinar Series

Monday, March 01, 2021 - Thursday, December 16, 2021   iCalendar

THE POWER OF YOU, a 2021 Webinar Series
Understanding and Maximizing Happiness and Well-Being

This 11-part webinar series is being offered in cooperation with the Iowa Hospital Association

With record-high rates of burnout, turnover and disengagement in health care, these challenging times require resiliency more than ever. By incorporating and modeling compassion, engagement and kindness, work-life culture can shift to less burnout, greater retention and restoration of happiness, well-being and purpose. This reengagement can transform you into a better caregiver and colleague, which translates to improved patient satisfaction and bottom lines.

Without resilience, people become overwhelmed, make more mistakes, take longer to do things, and become physically and emotionally exhausted – all expensive in human and financial costs. Self-care skills can help keep you focused and productive by being calmer in the face of chaos. Our presenters will provide specific, practical skills to handle chaos so you can remain engaged and make the most of the joy in your work and personal lives.


C-Suite, clinicians, nurses, patient experience coordinators and counselors, HR directors, caregivers, and anyone in healthcare who might benefit from self-care and wellness.



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